Lychee Finance

The first reflection-receiving deflationary token on Arbitrum

Lychee offers everything you need

A few things that make us unique!


If you want to get acquainted with our project in detail, you should read our documentation

Server security

We always try to avoid DDoS attacks, in the worst case scenario, our smart contract will always be protected in the Arbitrum network

AI contests

We will hold many interesting contests related to the latest technology - AI


One of the many benefits of our token is that $LYCHEE rewards holders by taxing sellers

Be a pioneer

If you are here, you are lucky because you found our project in time! We hate inflation, which is why we have developed our own smart contract with more than 1500 lines of code that made us unique on Arbitrum

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Frequently asked questions

Answers to most common questions

How do I buy tokens?

$LYCHEE can be purchased during the IDO phase or acquired through OreoSwap after the IDO has concluded

Do you have an audit?

Of course, because we are working on the transparency of the project

How does the reflection rewards work?

It's simple, you need to hold our tokens, other investors will take care of the rest, because when they sell or buy tokens, you will receive rewards for their tax

How often do you release updates?

Global news will be published at least once a week

Why are you a safe project?

We are the most transparent project because we do not have a mint function, all liquidity will be locked for 2 years

How can I contact you?

Of course, we are always open to your ideas and suggestions in a telegram or elsewhere

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